Just because I’m a public figure, just because I’m an actress, does not mean that I asked for this. It does not mean that it comes with the territory. It’s my body, and it should be my choice, and the fact that it is not my choice is absolutely disgusting. I can’t believe that we even live in that kind of world.

[I tried to write a statement but] every single thing that I tried to write made me cry or get angry. I started to write an apology, but I don’t have anything to say I’m sorry for.

It is not a scandal. It is a sex crime. It is a sexual violation. It’s disgusting.

Anybody who looked at those pictures, you’re perpetuating a sexual offence. You should cower with shame. Even people who I know and love say, ‘Oh, yeah, I looked at the pictures.’ I don’t want to get mad, but at the same time I’m thinking, I didn’t tell you that you could look at my naked body.


Jennifer Lawrence in this month’s Vanity Fair (via garbagecutie)

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She thought the mealworms were great… and that the camera looked pretty tasty too. (Chiquita, my female Rainwater Patternless Leopard Gecko)

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the idea of people having to be ‘useful’ is just so gross, like people do not exist to be used

having to produce something and have a use is a capitalist ideal and not an intrinsic part of humanity

just by being alive you are human and you are worth something and you can never be useless

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"Sunshine all the time makes a desert"

Arab Proverb (via missfolly)

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